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This website is dedicated to nature in all its aspects. You can find photos of animals from big to small and from landscape to macro subjects. Please take a look in the different galleries to enjoy a selection of my photographs.

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New gallery added
30th January 2011


Sri Lanka, wonderful wildlife experience.
Images of our trip to Sichuan and Yunnan in 2012.
Pristine Pantanal, Brasil
The beautiful landscape and wildlife of the Pantanal wetlands in Brasil. November 2010.
Little Hummingbird in the rain. Costa Rica
Images of the colorful wildlife of Costa Rica, October 2009.
False lily-of-the-valley Canada
Images of the abundant wildlife and landscapes of British Colombia.
More often heard than seen... Malaysian Borneo.
A photographic journey through Malaysian Borneo, April 2007.
Catch the light... Impressions of Tenerife
The island of Tenerife has a great variety in landscapes and weather conditions.
Green-eyed Hawker Greetings from Holland.
Images made in my home country, the Netherlands. Nothing exotic, but not less beautiful.